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Our Wide Range of Professional Services

  • Medical Evaluations
  • Physical Demands Analyses
  • Functional Abilities Evaluations
  • Return to Work Programs
  • Job Site Analyses
  • In Home Exercise Programs
  • Occupational Therapy In Home Assessments
  • Full Vocational Assessments
  • Diagnostic Testing (CT, EMG, MRI, etc)
  • Future Care Cost Analyses
  • Domestic / Work Site Modifications
  • Return to Work Programs
  • Treatment Plan Reviews
  • Medical Document and File Reviews
  • Labour Market Surveys
  • Transferable Skills Analyses
  • Driver Evaluations & Desensitization
  • Ergonomic Evaluations
  • Translation Services
  • Transportation Services
  • Hotel Accommodation


Core I.H.R. is dedicated to providing our clients with access to the highest quality medical evaluations, functional & diagnostic testing, and vocational services through a select group of medical and rehabilitation specialists throughout Canada.


Focused on customer service, competitive fee schedules, and a non-compromising approach to quality assurance…Core Integrated Health Resources Inc. is the right choice for your medical assessment needs.


Insurer Services

Independent Medical Evaluations (IME)

Depending on the type and extent of injury or disability, these evaluations provide third party opinions regarding diagnosis, prognosis, and appropriateness of current treatment. Includes determination of Catastrophic Impairment (If a applicable). 

In-Home Evaluations (In-Home)

Evaluation of the domestic environment to determine the individual's requirement for attendant care, housekeeping, home maintenance, care giving, and the need for any assistive devices.

Psychovocational, Neuro-psychovocational Evaluations

This type of evaluation is useful to answer questions regarding employability, earning capacity, and alternative employment options.

Medical Documentation and File Review

A review by a medical practitioner can assist in obtaining additional relevant information prior to an evaluation/ intervention, or as a means of follow-up. It is meant to determine the need for additional intervention, diagnostics, interpretation of results, or to provide additional opinions as required.

Future Care Cost Analysis/Life Care Planning

A comprehensive medical-legal document specifying all long term (lifetime) needs and associated costs as they relate to an individual's disability.

Labour Market Survey

A comprehensive and highly individual determination of available employment options based on TSA and FCE results, geographic limitations, qualifications and education as well as long term feasibility.

Work Site Modifications

Provision of environmental adaptations including adaptive equipment & devices, process modification or other ergonomic changes to promote return to work.

STD/ LTD Claims Management Consulting

Disability management consulting for both short term and long term non-work-related injury and illness. It is our goal to maximize your employee benefits while ensuring quality care. We work with your employee and their physician to facilitate a prompt, safe return to work. This allows you to maintain a neutral position relative to your disabled employee.

Work Hardening Programs

This is an individualized program meant to gradually improve a workers ability to handle employment related demands. May be initiated in clinic, and then expanded to include on-site sessions. May be used in conjunction with a modified/graduated return to work program.

Functional Capacity Evaluations (FAE/FCE)

Quantifies physical tolerances and weight handling abilities of the individual, as they relate to specific employment tasks, home activities and other activities of daily living. May be performed over one or two days.

Job Site Analysis (JSA)

Assessment of the workplace to determine essential employment tasks and
provides a detailed breakdown of job requirements. Most valuable when
combined with a functional abilities evaluation and is employee specific.

Physical Demands Analysis (PDA)

A comprehensive analysis of the work environment that measures physical
demands of the job or employment category.

Paper Review

A paper review may be performed when there is a request for goods and services submitted via an OCF-18 Treatment and Assessment plan.

Diagnostic Testing

With our partnerships and experience in the industry, we have the capacity to expedite MRI's, CT's, X-Rays and other diagnostic/investigative services including vision testing, ECG, PFT, audiometry, and lab tests including liver function and drug screening.

Transferable Skills Analysis

If the individual cannot return to pre-injury employment, a TSA will assess his/ her current skills inventory and suggest occupational alternatives.

Modified and Graduated Return to Work Programs

This is an employee and job-specific process of increasing employment hours and/or job tasks with the goal of gradual return to work. Useful as part of an ESRTW program.

Domestic Modifications

Modifications (temporary and permanent)to the home environment meant to promote safety and self-sufficiency at home.

Ergonomic Evaluations and Modifications

Once workplace ergonomics have been assessed & needs identified, recommendations for adaptive equipment and devices may be made. In addition, our evaluators may suggest specific modification in the employment tasks, manufacturing strategy, or other ergonomic changes to facilitate a healthy and safe workplace.

Driver Specific Services

Driver Evaluation

Useful when driving ability has been impaired due to physical injury, age related issues, illness, attention deficit disorders, psychiatric conditions, stroke and post-traumatic stress. Usually a two-part program involving in clinic evaluation/ needs assessment, and an on-road evaluation