Our Commitment



To maintain the integrity of all financial and clinical information through secure reporting, documentation, and billing practices, with strict attention to current legislation pertaining to privacy and confidentiality.

Quality Assurance


Reports are reviewed by our qualified staff who assess the overall quality. Evaluators are carefully selected based on area of expertise. We continue to enhance the quality of our work and ensure that all of our client's request have been met.



We pride ourselves in helping our customers save valuable time and money through efficient scheduling, adherence to deadlines and exceptional co-ordination services.

Fair Billing Practices


We believe in providing excellent service and our billing practices are no exception. You can always depend on our fee schedule to be fair and extremely competitive.

Relationship Building


We realize that our strength is in people, and value the business relationships that we have developed over the years. Listening to our clients and understanding their needs is our top priority.

Health and Safety


Core I.H.R. recognizes the importance of providing all employees, visitors, consultants and contractors with a safe and healthy work environment.